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Nature activities for children and adults

Running Creek Valley, Scenic Rim (90 minutes from Brisbane)

                     Come for the day, or spend the whole weekend

Schedule  to February 2023 coming soon!

Children's nature activities

Ages 5 to 12

  • info kit and puzzles Nature games: treasure hunts, puzzles, guessing games, etc. in a natural setting, to learn a lot while having a lot of fun!
  • Sketching and painting our wildlife.  Simple ways of sketching some common animals. How to make your sketches and painting look more realistic. How to make the animals look more "alive."
  • Other nature art and craft: colouring-in while learning about the behaviour of our local birds, butterflies and other creatures, craftwork with natural objects.
  • Seeking small creatures on land and in water and learning about their importance to ecology.

How to be an ecologist

Ages 12 - 16 (flexible)honeyeater feeding on blossom
  • what is ecology?
  • what sorts of questions do ecologists try to answer?
  • what are some of the tools used by ecologists?
  • observation and practice of some simple techniques (no handling of animals involved other than perhaps a few harmless insects and worms)

Introduction to birdwatching and bird behaviour

All ages (usually 12 and up)

Learn about:galah
  • how to seek out birds and identify them from their overall appearance, silhouette, calls and behaviour.
  • some interesting social, feeding and other behaviours to watch for when viewing southeast Queensland birds
  • various books, websites, apps and other aids to birdwatching
  • using binoculars, spotting scopes and cameras

and of course do some actual birdwatching!

Introduction to identifying native plants of southeast Queensland

All ages (usually 12 and up)

Learn:flame tree
  • different ways of identifying
  • some useful books and apps for identification
  • some of the common terms used in identification keys, and how to look for the features they describe
  • plants of SEQ open forests and subtropical rainforests
And practice:
  • collecting, identifying and pressing specimens of several different species

Introduction to the natural history of southeast Queensland

All ages (usually 12 and up)Jurassic in

  • The remote geological past that affected Australia as a whole
  • More recent events that formed the landscapes of the Scenic Rim and neighbouring areas
  • How this has affected our forests and other ecosystems
  • Interactions between local plants and animals
  • Comparisons between our fauna and flora with other regions

Ronda Green

Araucaria proprietor Ronda Green's background experience combines scientific research in wildlife ecology and a wide interest in many topics with developing educational and recreational experiences for all ages and education levels from pre-school activities to university lecturing and adult education classes.

In addition to conducting the activities described below, she may be available with sufficient notice for presentations on  wildlife and its ecology, behaviour and conservation needs and sustainable wildlife tourism
(note: we do not have presentations of live animals), or to conduct excursions and camps in other regions.

The Araucaria team is also available for developing customised  computer programs and  other
interpretive materials, or musical composition for background to videos etc.

Self-drive tourists, special-interest groups, educational groups and others are also welcome (with adequate notice and pre-booking) to a guided tour of our Scenic Rim Wildlife Ecology Centre and nature trails at the Araucaria property, Running Creek near Rathdowney. We can, with prior notice, also conduct activities for groups of families staying at the Andrew Drynan Reserve campground.

Wildlife ecology and behaviour, wildlife tourism, basic ecology, our place in nature, birds, rainforest plants ...

Learning while playing - and not just for children

Teachers, families, special interest groups, conference organisers and individuals - let us know you interests

All ages and education levels

Proprietor Ronda Green has lectured in various aspects of ecology, conservation biology, animal behaviour and ecotourism at a number of  universities and other tertiary institutions as well as conducting adult education courses and leading many camps, excursions and presentations for children and running a holiday farm with an emphasis on fun ways of learning about natural history and horsemanship.

Wildlife ecology and behaviour, wildlife tourism, basic ecology, our place in nature, birds, rainforest plants ...

Stay tuned for camps and products to come
Meantime consider visiting our Wildlife Ecology Centre

Learning while playing - and not just for children

Much has been written and continues to be written on the connection between play and learning

Ronda was interested in the connection between play and learning by the time she left secondary school to found and run a holiday farm specialising in nature studies and horsemanship.  She spent much time exploring party games and puzzles and adapting these into entertaining educational experiences for the children who stayed at the farm. While studying at secondary school and university she also found it possible to enhance her memory by playing word games, putting list to music etc. hole living in Melbourne she prepared a number f nature trails with cartoon figures.  She has developed a number of wildlife puzzles and games  for adults and children to clinch what they are learning on our wildlife tours.

Teachers, families, special interest groups, conference organisers and individuals - let us know you interests

We can suggest ideas and discuss your ideas and needs to develop appropriate programs that are fun and enhance understanding and memory