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Wildlife Tours and other Nature Tours with multi-award-winning Araucaria Ecotours include:

Day tours
red-necked wallaby
eastern yellow robin
Coochiemudlo Island
entry to glow worm cave
riding at Thunderbird Park
See plenty of wild kangaroos,wallabies, fruitbats and birds (also reptiles in warm months), visit a walk-through koala enclosure and glow worm cave, rainforest canopy walk, eucalypt forest, tea-tree woodland and a waterfall all in one day. May also see wild koalas, but numbers in our region are now in decline.
Come bird-watching in wetlands, eucalyptus forest and rainforest with zoologist who has conducted research on local birds for over 3 decades. Beginners to experienced birders welcome.
We no longer offer specific walking tours, but we can adapt our other tours to include more walking
Gentle walking on the  scenic and varied Coochiemudlo Island, just a 10 minute ferry ride from the mainland sandy beaches, rocky shores, mangroves,  coastal forest.
Glow worms
Glow worm colony, plus rainforests and wine-tasting
Mostly for groups of 4 or more, best to  inquire at least 2 months before

Extended tours
kangaroo and joey
emu chicks
Bunya canoeing on Running Creek

drive through forest
Wildlife overview
3 days, 2 nights, rave with wildlife experts, enhance your understanding of Australia's fauna,  seek animals in the wild both day and night and visit a wildlife park for hard-to-find ones. Camping or comfortable lodge accommodation. Rainforest, other forests, wetlands, beaches etc.
6 days/5 nights or 8d/7n. True outback, away from tourist routes, plenty of emus, red kangaroos, red sand, birding hotspots ... Accommodation not luxury but safe an comfortable..
Weekend camp
Budget 'primitive' self-cater camping, seek wildlife, visit rainforest. Tents supplied but please be prepared to help erect them. Also special theme weekends.
usually for groups of 4 or more,best to inquire at least 2 months before preferred departure. Tours to Bunya Mountains, Girraween National Park, other destinations, can include adventure activities, Indigenous culture, special birding or photography tours, ecology or ecotourism study tour, sustainable agriculture
Ideas for self-drive Our Wildlife Ecology Centre is currently under renovation but will be open for visits later this year

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What to bring on tour with Araucaria Ecotours

Day tours

  • camera!
  • sun hat (we do usually have spares if you forget)
  • comfortable walking shoes - you won't need mountain boots, but  something with a non-slip sole is safest, especially if it rains (sneakers are fine)
  • raincoat or small umbrella (again, we have spares)
  • binoculars: we still supply them but we've been surprised by the frequency of damage through knocking against things, being dropped or bits coming loose through excessive 'fiddling' (and not just by children). We can't always keep repairing or replacing, and can' afford to provide he more expensive models, so best to bring your own if possible.
  • swimsuit/bathers and a towel if coming to Coochiemudlo or choosing the camping option for our 3-day wildlife tour in warm weather
  • warm jacket for wildlife day-tour for  early evening (may not be needed in summer)
  • insect spray and sunscreen (again we usually carry these if you forget, and we don't get swarms of troublesome insects, just occasional mosquitoes etc.)
  • bottle of drink if desired (we do include refreshments, but you may like an additional drink while walking or traveling)
  • money for any additional snacks (e.g. ice creams or  chocolates when we stop for fuel) or souvenirs you might like to buy along the way.  We don't make any specific shopping stops, but some of the places we visit (e.g. O'Reilly's, Cedar Creek Winery and Glow Worms, Skywalk, David Fleay Wildlife Park) do have interesting books and/or souvenirs available)

Longer tours - as for day-tours plus:

  • warm clothing for evening and early morning (it gets cold in the mountains at night, often even in summer, and outback evenings can be quite chilly even after a very warm day).
  • even more warm clothing if camping in winter (we do have frosts June - August)
  • all personal items (toothbrush etc.) and medications (we travel with a first aid kit but we are not permitted to give pain-killers, antihistamines or other medications)
  • if you are bringing your own towel and sleeping bag on camping trips, this makes it easier for us, but otherwise let us know and we'll provide them
  • small torch (flashlight): we can supply one if you forget