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Denis Sidney Green, B. App. Sc.

Denis holds a degree in applied science and has worked as an industrial chemist in Victoria and a maths and science teacher in Perth. He also successfully completed a Masters Prelim in marine biology some years ago (studying growth and behaviour of mussels and their predation by starfish) but ill health and other commitments prevented completion of the Masters program.

His passion for exploring unusual places led him some years ago  to flying light aircraft and scuba-diving, and when he travels he likes to see things that are as different as possible from home (as do wife and son Ronda and Darren).

He is now co-proprietor of Araucaria Ecotours, driving some tours and doing much of the behind-the-scenes work, such as book-keeping and maintenance work, and designing our solar electricity system and the lighting for the Wildlife Ecology Centre.

Denis and the computer at Binna BurraHe also writes interpretive computer programs (e.g. the Bid Call Quiz which has proved very popular at the LNHA Visitor Information Centre at Binna Burra, and assist local residents with computer problems.

He enjoys science fiction and astronomy and tries to keep in touch with what planets and other extra-terrestrial phenomena are currently visible.

Denis has travelled in all mainland Australian states and territories as well as several islands, and of course the Great Barrier Reef  - also in Fiji, Bali, South America and Europe.