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Wildlife Tourism book

A career in wildlife tourism?

Interested in becoming a wildlife tour guide? Starting a wildlife tourism business? Working at an eco-lodge and wanting to increase wildlife interpretation?

"Wildlife Tourism: A Handbook for Guides, Tour Operators, Job-seekers and Business Start-ups" by Ronda Green will take you through:

  • qualities needed in a wildlife tour guide
  • wildlife skills:  finding, viewing and learning about the animals in your area etc.
  • people skills: keeping your guests happy, interpreting wildlife, networking, conflicts etc.
  • financial, legal, and health & safety considerations

You can buy the Kindle edition online here:

You can also buy the pdf directly from us ($4.00Aus) or a printed copy ($29.00 + postage) : use the Contact Us form

Book cover

Understanding Australia's Wildlife

   This book takes you through
  • the main groups of Australia's mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs of Australia, with some handy tips for remembering these groups
  • a sample of  fish, invertebrates and plant groups of Australia
  • notes on what is different between Australian wildlife and faunas of other world regions
  • ecological needs of wildlife
  • a brief history of Australia over the past 500 million years.

$16.50, including GST, plus postage

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The Araucaria team is available for:
  • fauna surveys - search for mammals, birds, reptiles frogs and other fauna, appraisal of habitat and advice on conservation management, planting for wildlife etc. Full written report.
  • interpretive materials for nature tourism and education centres - written material, signs, computer programs, children's nature games etc.
  • music compsition for video background, special events etc.

Darren sets an Ellliot
                      trap, to capture small mammals for identification
                      and release

Wildlife Tourism Course

We are planning online and face-topface courses based on the above book on wildlife tourism. Let us know if you are interested