Bunya Mountains
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Bunya Mountains tour

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This is an occasional tour we offer on request.

red-necked wallby under bunya pineThe bunya tree, or bunya bunya (Araucaria bidwillii), is one of the most striking species of Araucaria in appearance (also physically, as the heavy cones tend to drop unexpectedly in late summer!). One of two Australian species of Araucaria, it is a magnificent and distinctive tree of great importance (nutritionally and spiritually) to the Aboriginals. 

The Araucaria genus dates back to Jurassic days, and fossils of the bunya tribe within this have been found in northern hemisphere continents as well as being widespread through the great southern supercontinent of Gondwana. 

The Bunya Mountains north-west of Brisbane preserve the largest surviving stand of bunyas. These forests have a primitive feel to them, and walking through them treats us to a very special atmosphere, the bunya trunks looking a bit like the legs of giant elephants among the ferns of the forest floor. A great bird life, mountain views and a well-maintained network of walking trails  all add to the experience.

You will stay overnight  in a lovely chalet with separate bedrooms but shared bathroom, adjacent to the ancient bunya forests, and awaken to bird calls and the sight of wallabies grazing nearby. We will take a gentle guided walk through the forest on the afternoon of our arrival from Brisbane, and another the following morning (unless it is fruiting season, in which case we will walk in neighbouring forests, to avoid injury from falling cones), and you will have some free time to take photos, go birding or just relax. You may also choose to sample stews, breads or salads using bunya nuts

                            up into bunya   bunya salad        


bunya cone
Our standard tour to the Bunya Mountains is 2-day 1-night

Let us know if you'd like to extend it to a 3-day 2-night version,
with a free day for exploring the forests or just relaxing in scenic surroundings.

bunya tree

entrance to Bunya ountains chalets entry to campground and
                        walking tracks walking in
                        the Bunya forest superb fairy wren

accommodation at Bunya Mountains