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Darren Albert Sidney Green

Darren has lived at the Araucaria property, Running Creek via Rathdowney since he was 4 days old. He has grown up with the 'best of both worlds' - close enough to Brisbane to enjoy live performances, museums, ethnic restaurants and everything else  the city has to offer, but living on 87 acres of rural and forested property that allowed romping with dogs, riding his horse Rosie, swimming in a creek shared with platypus,  and turtles, riding horses, climbing trees and indulging in plenty of other outdoor activities as well as having access to computers, musical instruments and thousands of books.


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homecoming home


Darren playing at
                        Beaudesert Arts DinnerDarren, at age three, barely able to peep above the keyboard, was captivated by our new piano.  Already singing many songs in perfect  tune, he now started tapping  melodies on the keys -  simple ones at first such as 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' but within weeks complex pieces   such as  the   'MASH'  theme and parts of the Mikado' overture.  By age 12, he was enjoying playing  his  own compositions as well as  music  from Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Phantom of the Opera' and  other such pieces, and finally decided to take piano lessons for a couple of years.

As a teenager he joined the Queensland Music Theatre, where he was told he was a 'strong tenor with a great vocal range,' and later trained for half a year in light opera singing and did part time courses in music composition for the film industry, drama and the technology of stage production. A local novelist asked him  asked to compose the score for a televised version of his latest book but succumbed to terminal cancer before the project had progressed very far.

He plays  keyboard and has played guitar, violin, recorder and piano accordion, but the piano is still his favourite instrument, and he has played his own compositions at a number of local functions, including the inaugural Arts Dinner  at the Centre in Beaudesert, the 2009 Scenic Rim Tourism Awards evening, the International Frugivores and Seed Dispersal Symposium 2005,  a historic Drumley walk dinner,  a wedding at Songbirds and various other events

Darren with a rescued echidnaAnimals and Fieldwork 

Darren has been surrounded by animals all his life, and never lived without at least one dog and one horse on the home property. He has handled cows, roosters, snakes, echidnas, fruitbats, possums, various birds and many other creatures over the years, and is generally quick to make friends with almost anything or at least calm it if it is afraid or belligerent. He is a member of BatCare Brisbane and WildCare, and has helped foster orphaned birds and  flying foxes youngsters and rescued a number of injured animals.

He had his first taste of camping when six months old, and has been helping zoologist mother Ronda with  fieldwork
(digging pitfalls, helping to set and check cage traps and mist nets etc.) since the age of eight 

                                                          driving the
                                                          tour vehicle

Tour guiding

When Darren was applying for his driver authorisation (enabling him to drive tours) after the mandatory three years of holding a regular driver's license, he had to answer the usual questions on the form about  traffic offences, etc. The clerk, seeing yet another young man standing in front of her,  looked at his long line of "No" answers, and said disbelievingly 'hmm, squeaky clean are ya?"  After about 20 minutes on her computer she came back and said "umm, yes, you are!' " He still has never had so much as a parking ticket. Winding mountain roads, dusty outback tracks, steep trackless hillsides, flooded streets and city traffic are all part of his background experience, and he feels very much at home with country driving.
Darren guiding tour

Darren's love of wildlife and nature generally is obvious when he is guiding tours.
 He also enjoys meeting new people of all ages, especially if they share his delight in the natural world.

Growing up surrounded by nature and travelling to   his mother's research sites which included zoos and wildlife parks as well as wilderness areas, Darren is familiar with many of the animals of the local area and other parts of Australia.

He has also attended an Aussie Host class on providing quality  tourism service

enerald spotted
                          tree frogPhotography

Darren has been a keen nature photographer for years - everything from beetles and flowers to eagles, kangaroos and (while travelling) wild leopards and elephants.  and enjoys putting together compilations of his photos and videos with his own musical compositions as background.

One of his frog photos from the Border Ranges is pictured to the right

Travel and languages

In addition to travel with Araucaria Ecotours, Darren has cuddled a Tasmanian Devil and explored the mountain forests of Tasmania, ridden a camel along the Todd River near Alice Springs and been introduced to bush tucker offered by Aboriginal rangers at Uluru, patted  monkeys and  interacted with open-air stage performers in Bali, snorkelled amongst coral on the Great Barrier Reef and the northwest of Balie, walked in Amazonian rainforest and ridden on horseback in the Pantanal in Brazil, stood above the thundering Devil's Throat and watched coatis in the forest at Iguassu in Argentina, and spent two weeks driving with Ronda through Kruger National Park in South Africa, stopping for everything from dung beetles to
herds of elephants crossing the road.
Darren has studied linguistics and some Spanish and Mandarin (and continuing to self-teach), and also learnt a little Portuguese ad Indonesian before travelling to Brazil and Bali

Darren and friend