Overnight and longer wildlife and other tours from Brisbane  with Araucaria Ecotours

Overnight and longer tours with Araucaria Ecotours

Tours depart from: Brisbane Transit Centre (Roma Street), or your city or southside accommodation,
other by arrangement)

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Southeast Queensland is one of the most scenic and species-rich regions of Australia, and is readily accessible from Queensland's capital, Brisbane.   In fact Brisbane itself has many large tracts of natural habitat remaining in its suburbs, ideal for bushwalking and harbouring a surprising variety of wildlife: wallabies, koalas, fruitbats, brush turkeys, eagles, pythons and much more. The famous rainforests of Lamington National Park are just 90 minutes away, and a short ferry ride reaches a beautiful little island of varied habitats.

Extended (overnight and longer) tours

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Australian Wildlife Overview Tour 

This is our longest-running tour, and still our most popular one. We visit rainforests, eucalypt forests, coastal woodlands, mangroves and quiet beaches to seek the wild kangaroos and wallabies, koalas, platypus, forest birds, waterbirds, reptiles, frogs and many other creatures in the wild, and also view some rare and threatened species in a wildlife park devoted to conservation breeding, and our Wildlife Ecology Centre. Throughout the tour we give you an overview of Australia's major groups of wildlife and what is so different about Australia, and you receive a very informative booklet on Australia's wildlife to take home with you.  Accommodation is in a beautiful bed-and-breakfast in secluded tall forest or a campsite (we provide tent etc.) ...

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viewing wild koala

Outback wildlife tour

Come to the lands of red sands, red kangaroos, dusty roads, emus and brolgas... This is not a luxury tour. There are no five star or even four-star hotel out where we're traveling, and our tour vehicle is a Toyota 'troopie,' possibly the most popular vehicle throughout the outback but not a luxury coach. We do however have comfortable beds and some great meals. And if you'd like a taste of the genuine outback rather than tourist resorts, to wait at an outback waterhole for the dawn chorus of birds or red kangaroos coming  to drink at dusk, to look for sand goannas and shingleback lizards, or flocks of Major Mitchell cockatoos, to see vast inland lakes internationally known as important bird breeding areas,  to meet locals in little country towns, to lie under brilliant starry skies, and maybe indulge in a mud bath while sipping wine and eating dried fruit and nuts ...

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towards Currawinya NP

Budget wildlife weekend camp

This is a no-frills self-catering camping weekend, which we started when the 3-day wildlife tour prices of necessity had to be raised above the budget of some backpackers.  We provide all camping equipment and take you to see wild kangaroos, walk in rainforest, through the Scenic Rim Wildlife Ecology Centre. We also stop at shops of your choice along the way to buy food for the weekend (we have an icebox you can use, and can store a few small items overnight i the fridge))

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eastern grey kangaroo

Custom tours

There are many possibilities for extended as well as one-day custom tours, if we are approached well in advance of the date you are interested in.
Past custom tours have involved additional wildlife viewing, birdwatching or hiking  in various localities, horse-riding, canoeing, Indigenous culture, farm visits, whale watching , visits to  wildlife parks and theme parks, and more.
Other possibilities include snorkeling, rock-climbing and other adventure activities, with accommodation ranging from primitive camping to luxury hotels.
Group size for custom tours is usually between 4 and 10 persons, but we can also take less (additional charge per person) or more (additional charge for taking two vehicles or hiring larger vehicle).

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Cedar Glen farmstay

Self drives

Wonderful mountain scenery, lush forests, quiet beaches, wildlife-viewing, great little cafes, interesting small museums, adventure activities ....  an extended self-drive through southeast Queensland can be very rewarding, with overnight stops varying from campgrounds, cabins of various styles, ecolodges, farnstays, bed-and-breakfast guest houses, motels and hotels.  We can also advise on routes to travel when driving to southeast Queensland from further afield ...

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driving through forest

With small group sizes (usual maximum is ten), this is not a hurried herding of tourists on and off buses, into souvenir shops, etc. You will have ample opportunity to tell us your interests, and though we can't fulfill every wish (for instance, when seeking wild animals rather than visiting a zoo, we can't guarantee that particular species will  turn up) we will try to make your day or days as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. You can let us know any time you want to stop for photos or anything else of interest, and ask as many questions as you like - if we don't know the answers we will suggest ways of finding out. Our emphasis on tours is on spending time in scenic spots and natural habitats, not quick photo stops en route to shopping centres and the like, and many of our guests have commented on their appreciation of this.

advanced eco-accreditationWe uphold the ideals of ecotourism: environmentally sound, quality information, nature-based and supporting local communities. All our  tours  have achieved advanced eco-accreditation

Our tour vehicles

We are members of Ecotourism Australia, Wildlife Tourism Australia (Ronda is vice-chair), Queensland Tourism Industry Council,Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (Ronda is acting chair of the Scenic Rim group), Scenic Rim Escapes, and Brisbane Marketing