Day tours from Brisbane  with Araucaria Ecotours

Day tours (mostly from Brisbane, Queensland)

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Tours depart from: Brisbane Transit Centre (Roma Street), or your city or southside accommodation
 (other by arrangement and with sufficient notice)

Most tours are suitable for all ages and fitness levels (birding tours not always suitable for the very young,
and some bushwalks not suitable for the very unfit)

Southeast Queensland is one of the most scenic and species-rich regions of Australia, and is readily accessible from Queensland's capital, Brisbane.   In fact Brisbane itself has many large tracts of natural habitat remaining in its suburbs, ideal for bushwalking and harbouring a surprising variety of wildlife: wallabies, koalas, fruitbats, brush turkeys, eagles, pythons and much more. The famous rainforests of Lamington National Park are just 90 minutes away, and a short ferry ride reaches a beautiful little island of varied habitats.
mountain scenery

Day tours include:

Birdwatching day-tour 

Southeast Queensland is one of the richest regions of Australia in terms of bird species. Every raptor of Australia and around half of all Australian bird species has at some time been seen here. Many southern species reach their northern limits here and many northern species reach their southern limits here or just below the border, and there are a few species that are found only in the border regions. Summer and winter migrants and nomadic species add to the diversity.

Our usual destination is Lamington National Park,  with a brief visit to wetlands
.... more about our birdwatching day-tours
crimson rosella

Rainforests, glow worms and wine day-tour 

The largest colony of glow worms in the world is not in a national park or even a genuine cave, but in a very well-designed artificial cave, the purpose of which is to take pressure off the natural populations in caves that have been over-exploited by a constant stream of thousands of visitors. Rainforests, eucalypt forests, waterfalls, wine-tasting and a delicious lunch overlooking landscaped gardens add to the day's experience, and you can let us know if you would like to pay a little extra and visit other interesting venues in the district ... more about our glow worm tour
Cedar Creek cave

Coochiemudlo Island day-tour

This pretty little island  is just a few minutes by ferry from Brisbane's coast. Long stretches of quiet sandy beach, rocky headlands, red cliffs that give the island its name and were well-used by the Aboriginals, mangroves, coastal woodland, eagles, stone-curlews, honeyeaters, soldier crabs, molluscs, butterflies, and native hibiscus are just a few of the natural delights we find as we wander at a gentle pace around the island's perimeter. more about our island tour

Coochie-mudloe Island

Bushwalking in Brisbane day-tour

Bushwalking in a city?
Brisbane's suburbs have spread ever outwards, often at the expense of the natural environment. However, there are still large tracts of forest and wetlands that have been protected by local or state government, with many fine walking trails through a variety of open forests and wetlands.
Our emphasis is mostly on gentle walks, stopping to look at flowers, insects, birds and whatever else may turn up along the way.  If you like a long energetic hike, that's fine too -  just let us know when you make your booking more about our bushwalking tour

picnic in Toohey Forest

Wildlife of Brisbane day-tour

Wildlife-viewing in a city?
There are still large tracts of forest and wetlands that have been protected within the Greater Brisbane region, with many fine walking trails through a variety of habitats. Here live red-necked wallabies, swamp wallabies, koalas, possums, gliders, bandicoots, fruitbats, microbats, brush turkeys, cockatoos, eagles, kookaburras, spoonbills, stilts, goannas, pythons, frogs ..... more about our wildlife day-tour
red-necked wallaby and joey at Daisy Hill

Custom tours

Customized tours can take a bit of planning, so the earlier you contact us the better. They are usually for four or more persons, but with a surcharge we can customize for fewer guests. Let us know your interests ...
.... read more about custom tours
Condamine Gorge

Self drives

Southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales together constitute  one of the most scenic and species-rich regions of Australia, and is readily accessible from Queensland's capital, Brisbane.  There are so many options for self-drive tours to interesting and beautiful places you could measly spend many months exploring them all.
.... read more about self drives, including our Scenic Rim Wildlife Ecology Centre